Tuesday, 26 March 2013


.. that time of the year again! crazy pre-holi bash at college, bonfire the night before, the insanity that follows, early-morning surprises planned by best friends, bombarding each other with colored water balloons.. desperate attempts at making the color as hard-to-get-rid-off as possible.. abir-smeared happy faces and soaked shirts everywhere, those 'e-ki-kore-esechis-ekdom-ghawre-dhukbi-na' looks from ma immediately followed by 'ei-ei-amake-rawng-lagabi-na-ami-eimatro-snan-kore-berolam' cries, a grand lunch afterwards, meeting friends at Cafe coffee day in the evening, adda and gossip over cups of brewed coffees, and finally a peaceful sleep... how I miss being in the city of joy during the festival of colors! :(

thankfully, there are enough videos on Youtube to make me happy :) .. albeit with a pinch of salt :( 

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