Saturday, 28 September 2013


When introduced to Kicker (the German name for table-Football) a couple of years ago, I knew I would be disappointed. It was quite an obvious inference given the fact that I found Football to be the ever-most boring game on earth and was often considered a 'let-down' by my Football-fanatic family. After coming to Germany, I figured that Football (or Fußball in German) here was almost synonymous to religion and there wasn't a single person who shared my opinion. So, as a perfect newcomer desperate to please the hosts, I feigned interest for as long as I could, while being absolutely clueless and uninterested in the game itself.

Then one day, God decided to punish me! We were at a farewell party of a colleague at a night-club and there was this huge colorful table in the middle of the room. To be honest, I was pretty impressed by the sight, but still had no clue about what it was. A couple of friends saw me ogling the table, misread my (poker-faced) expressions and decided to introduce me to Kicker. I was devastated when I learnt that it was a mini version of the game I hated most, but decided to play along. Thankfully, I have not regretted the decision ever since.

It is one of the most interesting table games I have ever played. Ideally, it is a 4-person game, two in each team,and the team that scores the maximum number of goals, wins. As one can see in the picture, each player has to use the figures to move the ball, and there are again a set of rules about how to use these figures. In general, the rules are pretty understandable and very much like real Football. When I first started playing, I loathed it with all my heart. Maybe I was way too biased and told myself that anything associated with Football was not for me. But then, without even realizing, I fell in love with it. I realized that it was not, afterall, about players trying just to put a ball in the goal. It was, infact, much more than that! I started learning the nuances of the game, found myself watching Kicker videos on YouTube, and most importantly, respecting the larger version for the first time in life. (Not to mention that the love was fueled by people telling me that I was quite a 'natural' at the game!) ;-)

Long story short, I now consider myself a Kicker-enthusiast who can't wait to lay her hands on the miniature figures whenever she is at a Kicker-party. Agreed, that I play surprisingly well only when under the spell of alcohol, but I do believe that I enjoy it to the fullest even without alcohol! Friends tell me that I become hyper-energetic when I play, shouting and screaming at the misses, overjoyed at the goals and I realize that, in the end, Football and I may not be at loggerheads afterall! :-)

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