Thursday, 24 October 2013


Working late into the night in the office and trying desperately to find a research article from a heap of journals, you suddenly come across these. Small things that instantly pull the sides of the lips to a wide U (or a V)!

Months-old envelope sent from across the oceans on birthday. Reminds of happy moments and bubble wraps, followed by melancholic after-thoughts.

Half a year old train ticket, bought in Spain, en-route to a monastery with a friend. Realizations about being fortunate enough to have seen so many places. Smiles from ear-to-ear.

A filled-in diary given as a present a couple of years ago. Hand-written letters, memories galore and a spark in the eyes. Mixed emotions.

A picture of Calcutta while browsing randomly through Facebook. That heart-skipped-a-beat moment followed by the umpteenth-time realization that the City runs in the blood.

Instant stress-busters, I call them!  :-)


  1. Truly - the city runs in our veins.

    1. just when I thought of replacing 'blood' with 'veins', you said the exact same thing! I keep it unchanged then :D

  2. Very well-expressed, Ipsita!
    So glad when I come across such cool stress-busters! Much needed gifts! :)