Sunday, 5 January 2014

The year that it was

As I sit back and flash upon the year gone by, various thoughts and memories crowd my head. One more year gone by, one year less to achieve all the things I wish for, one more year to painfully remind me of being on the wrong side of twenty, and one year less to finish the PhD. But, overall, it had been a good year, not spectacularly eventful perhaps, but quite a good one nonetheless. So, as an act of thankfulness and reciprocity, I dedicate the first post of the new year to the surprisingly well-behaved 2013.

It was a year when two of my best friends got married, and for the first time ever, I felt like a mother- delighted and at peace to have finally seen the loved ones well-settled, but with a tinge of jealousy and possessiveness for having to share my property with complete strangers :-\

It was a year when two other close friends and an elder sister had their first babies, and I realized that mere pictures of these bundles of joys were capable enough to lift up the mood in a jiffy.

It was the year when I went to my first ever international conference, in Nice, and gave my first academic talk in a room full of scholars. Apart from the nausea and the butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling the entire time, I also figured how breathtakingly beautiful the Mediterranean was. It was also the time that came with the sadness of people lost and happiness of finding new people to share moments with.

It was the year when the parents visited me in Germany for the first time ever and I lived a dream with them; a dream of seeing and showing bits and pieces of Europe, suggesting the local cuisines and drinks, taking long walks and river-cruise rides, explaining extensive details about each place, and feeling fortunate. It was the year which made me realize that places breathe, and smell too- of happiness, of colors, of life, and, of goodness of people.

The year marked my official entry into this blogging world. I always read about the popular blogging communities, but never quite imagined myself registering for any of them. And then one day, IndiBlogger happened. I remember waiting with bated breath for the "your-blog-has-been-accepted" email, and how incredibly happy I felt afterwards. There has been no looking back since then, only an affirmation of the belief that I am blessed with great people around me, virtually and otherwise. 

It had been a year of goodbyes, with respect to the favorite sport. Sachin retired, and then the cricketer with that familiar green-yellow jersey numbered 3. It marked the end of a major part of my growing up, a part I considered very close to my heart, the part that bore the name of Jacques Kallis :-( 

The year saw not much difference in personal and professional life as compared to the year before, which was quite unexpected, given the close relationship I share(d) with mental turbulence and setbacks. I continue to keep my fingers and legs crossed and mentally thank my stars, well almost. Oh dear stability, how much I missed you!

The year ended with the things I love the most- yummy food, movie-marathon, long conversations, night-outs, sleeping till afternoon, revisiting childhood, baking Christmas cakes, watching distant fireworks on freezing nights, perfect company and general happiness all around :-) On that note, Happy 2014 everyone!


  1. Glad to know 2013 was a good one for you.
    A happy 2014 to you!

  2. Ipsita, Lovely year it has been! Best wishes for the New Year too! May it be lovelier :)

    1. thanks so much Anita, and wish you the same.

  3. You had a lovely year. Wish you more such happy moments in the year 2014.

    It was eventful year for me as well. :-)

    1. great to know :) wish you too a rocking 2014.