Sunday, 30 September 2012


When I was much younger, my brother and myself would look forward to the first day of every month.. It was not because we could get a day off from our daily routines and boring homework; neither was it because there was something special that we could do. It was mostly because baba used to bring us chocolates on his way back from office. It wasn't like he didn't bring us chocolates on other days. He did. But what made the first different from other days was that we always knew that a big bar of chocolate was 'guaranteed'. We'd wait for him to come back and then when he would hold out the bars of chocolates, we would have these big grins on our faces... 

As I have grown up, I have realized that happiness is about the smallest and simplest things. Getting up in the morning for school and realizing that it's going to be a rainy day; making tiny paper boats and then making them sail down the waterlogged streets; seeing the brother getting scolded, and not myself, after a severe fight (okay, this one's a bit vindictive I agree); eating pieces of cakes secretly that mother had baked for some special occasion and not getting caught, playing badminton on the road on sultry April afternoons and when completely exhausted, seeing an icecream-wala approaching; making random telephone calls to strangers and then making weird voices to scare them; bargaining while shopping for Pujo and later realizing how good a bargain it was; packing for a vacation (this doesn't even need an explanation); watching the hustle and bustle of Park Street and Esplanade right before Pujo and realizing that it's just a few more days, going to the 'kumor' the day before Kali pujo to check out how well the idol has been made; bursting crackers on Diwali and on the day of immersionfriend going over to our place on Kali Pujo and showing everything live on webcam; bunking classes and going for movies and dates; gossiping about professors and their personal lives and other friends and their personal lives; copying from friends' during exams and not getting caught; going to Nicco park with chaddi buddies and getting on the cyclone; reading old Gtalk chat histories; watching IPL matches and silently craving for a KKR head-band and then a friend sending it all the way from India on birthday; boyfriend 'who-can-just-boil-water' baking a cake and writing a wonderful testimonial to make up after a fight; playing Angry birds; drinking hard liquor and not throwing up and then being able to give a presentation the very next day;  coming out of the airport and identifying familiar faces in the crowd; being depressed all day about the laptop charger not working right before an important workshop and then a friend coming over and fixing it in a few minutes... 

Happiness.. yes, that's what I call it.. 

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