Thursday, 13 September 2012


Missing the life we once had.. the energy, the patience and the intimacy we once shared with friends. Quite a few pieces of the puzzle have gone missing as we have grown up.. Gone are those days when we blabbered non stop in the metro about things as unimportant as the color of the shirt of a fellow passenger, shamelessly rated guys on a scale of 10 even after realizing that his girlfriend was glaring at us, talked about censored stuff and giggled nonchalantly in the middle of a class, whined about the profs, abused and cursed the damn distance we traveled everyday, discussed the infinite problems in our personal lives.. never having the slightest idea on how to solve them; when we called each other atleast 100times a day before the exam, trimmed the syllabus 'n' number of times based on our intuition, discussed every single question before answering.. promising never to deviate from the nash equilibrium in the exam hall; when we took the up-down metro several times a day and stood on the vestibule, or walked quite a great distance just to spend time with people without actually spending a single buck; when we poured our hearts out to friends over cups of brewing coffee or a couple of sizzle dazzle brownies at cafe coffee day, to new-found acquaintances while taking a tour of an institute campus and to lovers while walking past the new market area and simultaneously checking out the earrings, the bags, the shoes as well; when we secretly indulged in some not-so-good practices somewhere near a 'gowal' enjoying every minute of it and swearing not to do that again. when we chatted over the phone for hours at night or exchanged countless texts.. talking about nothing in particular or sometimes cribbing about life.. yet feeling a sense of great companionship..

The life has changed since then.. Over time we have realized the importance of self-dependence.. how not to be sad even while having lunch all by yourself in the middle of a crowded canteen or a cafeteria, how not to feel nostalgic while watching others do exactly the things you used to do with your lot and how not to miss the life you once had with your loved ones. Change is one of the inevitable laws of nature, exacting it's toll on people's lives... circumstances change, people change..what doesn't change is the memories.. all of which come rushing back when you least expect them to....

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